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Ever wanted to try mixing music? Truth is nowadays its not as difficult as you might think. Mix yo Music presents 12 albums of on average 20 songs each containing 'Dance, Trance, Rock and Electronic' hits which are produced by a multi-band collaboration allowing you to mix the channels of sound in realtime adding instruments, tweaking effects, playing only on a home stereo or personal mp3 player. Even record the effects and upload to OSIREM servers for profit sharing. The band responds to vocal commands immediately mixing the music, altering timing to fit. Absolutely fantastic to show your friends or perform to a group.
An accompanying magazine is planned showing extensive reviews of Instruments applicable to themusic channels.
'Mix your own Music' defines a genre of self mixing audio. The mp3s allow the owner to mix in any number of channels in realtime, adding effects and tweaking synth, sax and guitar. The effect of this is the user can perform mastering or colouring the music to a group on a stereo or on its own on an mp3 player headphones. The OSIREM Media Label produces different genres of music including dance, rock, house, drum and bass, dub step and many others, try it yourself. Included in the deal is a magazine called Mix Music Mag that contains, among other things, reviews of the effects one can add to the mixing channels in each track. Some of the albums display exciting experimental electro music characteristics. One of the albums Mix your own Music 10 is especially designed for girls, another is unique acoustic guitar called Americana, another is music designed for listening to at the casino or other recreational centres. Remix software free.
Available on iTunes
Try OSIREM's Mixable music for yourself here free ,no obligation. Once you have recieved acknowledgement from midi, begin mixing adding instruments...reverb stereo delays

How To Guide

The Group, called 'Midi'
1Midi, the main lead engineer, decisions man
2Ladies, sing the vocals
3Servers, play the instruments, manage mastering and colouring

Using the interface is very simple, but becomes more challenging the more musical knowledge you absorb from the Mix Music Mag and the internet. Heres an example...

First say "hello Midi", wait for the response...
Say "Soft synth Vintage Warmer" (a seen, known about effect)
Say "Lengthen the delays bass, feedback 95%"
Say "Reverb the drums, decay 5.50 LFO Ramped"
The combinations are endless, have a laugh mixing a favourite track, or remix in particular styles whole albums and record the results with a microphone, bootlegger or soundcard for (coming soon) profit sharing uploaded to Osirem central server.


T&Cs Privacy Policy Customer Support Link Earnings Disclaimer
Support E-Mail osirem@ymail.com


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